Procedure Description:

Inspection of the cervix by microscope

What To Expect:

This is a procedure to evaluate the cervix if the PAP smear is abnormal. A speculum is placed into the vagina, and the cervix is numbed with a spray. The cervix is washed with a dilute vinegar solution, and iodine solution. The cervix is then examined under a high power microscope for abnormal areas. Any abnormal areas are biopsied. This feels cramp-like. Finally a small scraping of internal cervical canal cells is taken. This also feels cramp-like. The biopsied areas are then coated with a solution to stop bleeding. The entire procedure takes about 10 minutes.


Please don't have sex, douche, or use any vaginal creams/medications within 24 hours before the procedure. Please take 600 milligrams of ibuprofen or 2 Aleve tablets 30 minutes before the procedure to reduce cramping.


Do not put anything into the vagina for 48 hours after the procedure, including sexual activity, douching, tampons or vaginal medications. You may continue ibuprofen or Aleve as needed for cramps. The cramps usually subside within a few hours. You will have some mild bleeding after the procedure, and it may last several days. You may also notice some brown/golden or blackish discharge and sediment. This comes from the cautery solution. Please call the office if you have extremely heavy bleeding, fevers, or pelvic pain that is not lessening. Biopsy results are usually ready in about 10 days.