Procedure Description:


What To Expect:

Similar to a sonohysterogram, only a small camera is inserted into the uterus via a thin cannula or catheter. Water is also instilled through this catheter. The inside of the uterus and the entrance to the fallopian tubes are visualized and biopsies are taken if there are any abnormalities seen.


You are given a prescription for a mild sedative prior to this procedure and for antibiotics. You will need to start your antibiotics the day prior to your procedure, the day of your procedure, and the day after your procedure. You will need someone to drive you if you choose to take the mild sedative. You can choose to take 600 mg of Motrin for mild to moderate cramping if you do not take the sedative.


You may have some cramping post procedure and that should subside within a few minutes. You may have some spotting or bleeding that should resolve within a day or so. Please call us for bleeding heavier than a period, flu like symptoms, or a fever of 100.4 F or higher.